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Interested in yacht racing on Long Island Sound? Come sail with us!

ACS RegattaMSSA yacht racing involves competitive sailing in yachts in the twenty to fifty foot range. We conduct our races in four divisions (2 spinnaker, 2 jib-and-main) under the PHRF handicap system which theoretically renders all boats competitive regardless of design, size, or vintage. Generally thirty races of various types will be held between May and October (which does not include small boat and frostbiting events). Distances will vary from two to forty miles, while starting times will range from weekday evenings to weekends.

Our races are typically conducted in the waters immediately adjacent to Mount Sinai Harbor, with courses including both club-maintained and Government marks as indicated in the course chart below.

Want to get involved? Have questions? Contact the Vice Commodore at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


RACERS - PLEASE NOTE! A new edition of the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2021-2024 is now available on If you'd like to read a good summary of the key changes, check out An Overview of the Significant Rule Changes in The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2021-2024 by Dave Perry.

Racing Information:

  1. 2024 Race Schedule
  2. MSSA Sailing Instructions
  3. MSSA Committee Boat Responsibilities
  4. Racing marks used by MSSA
  5. MSSA Courses
  6. American Cancer Society Regatta
  7. YRALIS PHRF Regulations 2023
  8. MSSA PHRF Database

Getting Started:

  1. Racing with MSSA: Introduction
  2. Racing with MSSA: Rules Review