Cruise Points Award System

To recognize the "saltiest" among our Cruising members, MSSA has established a "Cruise Points" system that awards points based on the number and length of the cruise events participated in, with extra credit for serving as Cruise Captain.

The Cruiser of the Year award will be presented to the top three cruisers for each season. The boat with the highest amount of points will get 1st Place, the boat with the second highest points will get 2nd Place, and the boat with the third highest points will get 3rd Place. If there is a tie, the tie breaker will be the boat that attended the most Cruises. If there is still a tie the boat that finished the Long Cruise will break the tie. If necessary the Fleet Captain will make the final decision. Points will be awarded as follows: 

  • 1 point for attending a Winter Cruise Meeting held by the Fleet Captain.
  • 1 point for attending a cancelled Cruise alternate land location.
  • 2 points for participating in a weekend Cruise. 
  • 2 additional points for being a Cruise Captain on a weekend Cruise.
  • 3 points for reaching the final destination of the Long Cruise.
  • 3 additional points for being a Cruise Captain on the Long Cruise.  If the final destination of the Long Cruise is changed due to inclement weather or for other reasons decidedby the Cruise Captain, all boats participating will be awarded all points associated with the Long Cruise. 

The weekend Cruise prior to the start of the Long Cruise will be counted as a separate Cruise and not part of the Long Cruise.

If you are the Cruise Captain for both the Weekend Cruise and the Long Cruise you will only earn 4 additional points for being the Cruise Captain for both Cruises.

If a Cruise is cancelled, no points will be awarded to the participants if no alternate land location is planned.However, if it is determined that the Cruise Captain already did a lot of preparation for the Cruise then they will be awarded their Cruise Captain points. 

If a Cruise destination is changed and a new Cruise destination is decided by the Cruise Captain all participants will be awarded their earned points. 

All Cruise Captains will report to the Fleet Captain the attendance of all boats on their Cruise.

Participating in a Impromptu Cruise will not earn you any points. 

If necessary, the Fleet Captain will make the final decision when awarding Cruisers points.