Welcome to the Mount Sinai Sailing Association!

The 2019 ACS Regatta is right around the corner!!!

For more info, go to our 2019 ACS Regatta page.

 About MSSA

Long Island SailingThe Mount Sinai Sailing Association is a non-profit Long Island Sound Sailing organization dedicated to affordable family cruising, racing, and social interaction among sailing enthusiasts in the area of Mount Sinai Harbor, Long Island, NY. The Association was founded in 1975 and now includes more than one hundred and fifty families. Most members own sailboats which are moored or docked in Mount Sinai Harbor, but membership is open to anyone interested in sailing on the Long Island Sound, regardless of boat ownership. Yearly activities include raft-ups, beach parties, cruises, and races during the sailing season. There are also monthly meetings and social activities in the off season.

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